Just1Life is a United Kingdom based charity committed to achieving direct socio-economic change through the funding of educational scholarships for academically gifted students worldwide, as well as providing financial support for local educational projects.

The ethos of Just1Life is that even modest financial assistance can facilitate empowerment, through education and a holistic approach to personal and academic development. Just1Life hopes to achieve this personal and academic empowerment for its scholars by working towards achieving the following objectives:



Developing or supporting holistic projects, which facilitate young individuals, in a range of ages, to develop to their full potential through education.



Seeking to focus our attention, in each project, on the individual, in the belief that financial assistance sufficient to have an immediate and transformative impact on just 1 person’s life means, in turn, that this person can make positive and lasting changes in the lives of those around them.



Encouraging our scholars to excel academically but also seeking a longer-term commitment from them: that they will remain in the country at the end of their course, that they will become role models for others, and that they will seek to make a real and lasting contribution to the development of their nations after finishing their education.

Read our full mission statement and objectives here.


Andrew Green is one of seven Trustees of Just1Life; he was one of the founders of the charity in 2010, and has taken on increasing responsibility for running the charity throughout the years. He is a Queen’s Counsel at Blackstone Chambers in London, where he has practiced as a barrister since 1989 (specializing particularly in commercial, international arbitration and financial services law).



Nola Donachie | TRUSTEE

Nola Donachie is a freelance litigation consultant providing strategic and management advice to companies and individuals in litigation and engaging external counsel. Nola has been a Trustee since 2013, and is responsible for the charity’s relationship with Sari Hati in Indonesia.




Leona Powell | TRUSTEE

Leona Powell is a barrister at Blackstone Chambers. She joined Just1Life in 2015. She has travelled extensively in the developing world and is committed to changing the lives of young people through education. She lives in London and has three young children.




Jennifer Hirschl | TRUSTEE

Jennifer Hirschl was born and raised in New York City and moved to London in 1992, where she opened and ran her own contemporary art gallery for 12 years. Since the gallery closed in 2004, Jennifer has focused her time on voluntary projects. Jennifer became a Trustee in 2011. She is passionate about helping those less fortunate and working towards making a positive difference in the lives of others.




Paras Shah is a partner in the Kenyan office of Bowmans – a pan-African law firm – where he heads the M&A and projects team. His expertise is recognised worldwide, and he was named Banking & Finance Lawyer of the Year in Kenya in 2015. Paras got involved with the initial set-up of Just1Life in 2015, and has since been active identifying potential scholarship candidates, as well as assisting with the charity in local issues.




Nadeem Ahmed is a property developer based in Nairobi, where he was born and brought up. He completed his university degrees in London and Oxford, and has worked all over the world; since 2003, he is back in Nairobi and, next to his work, is active in executive education and managing two other scholarship programs for Kenyan Oxbridge candidates. He has been involved with Just1Life since 2015, helping to identify potential scholarship candidates and assisting with fund disbursement.




Purity Mutisya was born and raised in Kenya. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Child Development, and a Master’s degree in Development Studies. She has seven years of experience in areas of development, covering multinational and multicultural interactions between organizations, foundations, government and NGO’s. Purity supports the Just 1 Life scholars in Kenya, who study in universities across the country; she provides them with essential day-to-day, pastoral, and educational assistance.