Sari Hati, in Bali, Indonesia, is a school for 35 young people with varying kinds and degrees of disability. It is one of only two schools in Bali for disabled young people.

Sari Hati (‘Essence of Heart’) was founded in 2003, in Ubud, Bali. In Bali, there is no public schooling for disabled children, and no social support is provided to parents. In many quarters, there is still a belief that disability is a punishment from God. The combination of these factors results in the misunderstanding and isolation of disabled children from poorer backgrounds.

Sari Hati aims to provide holistic support to such children and their families, and currently operates six days a week, providing a range of lessens and activity including maths, English, singing, dancing, sport and art. Just1Life funds 80% of the school’s running costs, and allows Sari Hati to provide their children with a happy, safe and loving environment in which they are taught basic life skills. Find out more about Sari Hati and their work here.


To continue to develop the holistic care given to the families of disabled children in rural communities, Sari Hati  relocated the Children’s Centre to a site next to the Women’s Centre in Ubud, where land for farming and activities is available. The new premises includes a restaurant and a clothes and crafts shop which provide both employment opportunities for the older children and their parents, as well as additional income. Just1Life is committed to supporting Sari Hati as it undergoes changes in the future, and as it expands its network and its facilities to better cater to the children’s differing educational needs.

Wayan Nanda Mahandita | BALI | PROFILE

This is I Wayan Nanda Mahandita. His friends call him Dita. He is 14 years old.

Although he was born without any disability, a high fever contracted at 3 months old destroyed parts of his brain and left him with severe learning disabilities. He has been attending the Sari Hati school since 2008. When he came to the school, he wasn't able to sit still or even hold anything in his hand. He threw absolutely everything. With the support of the specialist teachers at Sari Hati, Dita can now concentrate for good periods of time, he can hold objects and, to everyone's great pride, can even feed himself. His favourite pastime is playing ball. The school gives him an opportunity to socialise, which he loves. He wants to hug everybody all of the time!

Kadek Adni Pramana | BALI | PROFILE

This is I Kadek Adni Pramana, whose friends call him Dek Mana. He is 9 years old and has Downs syndrome.

Dek Mana is very determined and knows just what he wants to do. He loves helping the other children and playing games with everyone. Dek Mana lives with his mother and brother but his family suffered a further challenge a few months ago when his father died in a motorbike accident. Sari Hati offers Dek Mana's mother support and a welcome respite; there being so few learning opportunities available to children in Dek Mana's situation in Bali.