Just1Life’s Kenya University Scholarship Scheme was started in late 2015, and currently thirty gifted scholars studying a range of subjects at university level. The Just1Life Scholarship Scheme assists the students with their tuition and daily expenses, and provides day-to-day support through our Kenya-based social worker/mentor.

Just1Life started the Kenya University Scholarship Scheme through contacts at the Vanessa Grant Secondary School in Rongai, Kenya, and the Starehe Boys School in Nairobi, Kenya. The programme started with nine gifted scholars, who were chosen for Just1Life scholarships. All had received admission to universities around Kenya but did not have the financial means to attend. All of the students have excellent motivation and the desire to achieve good results at university; their university courses range from Engineering, Community Development, to Sports Science and Education. A further ten scholars, referred to our charity by Dr Susan Kiragu and the Children in Freedom fund, were awarded scholarships in 2016.


Just1Life aims to support our thirty gifted scholars throughout their university education, and works closely with a mentor/social worker (on the ground in Kenya) who assists our students on a day-to-day basis and will help them develop their further career. The Kenya Scholarship Scheme operates with the essential cooperation and support from two Nairobi-based barristers, Paras Shah and Nadeem Ahmed, who nurture contacts with schools and educators across Kenya and allow Just1Life to choose the scholars most suitable for the Scholarship Scheme. Just1Life is actively seeking to expand its program in the future, to be able to support additional deserving students in their university education.


Purity is a student from the Vanessa Grant School and is currently in her second year of a BSc in Electrical and Control Engineering at Egerton University, with dreams of becoming an electrical engineer in the future.

‘I am the first girl in the family to join university after receiving a government bursary for my first year, but I did not have the funds to continue after my first semester. Having been awarded the Just1Life scholarship means I can now concentrate on my studies with no more financial worries. Your immense support and generosity inspire me to give back to my community in days to come’.


Patrick came to Just 1 Life through the Starehe Boys Centre and School and is currently in his first year of a BA in Law at Nairobi University. He is the 8th child in a family of 11 children, raised by a single mother.

‘I would never dream of a better platform to unlock the potential that lies within me than the one provided by Just1Life.

Just1Life is the wave of change our society needs. Leadership is unlocking people’s potential into greatness; this is the greatest inspiration one will ever come across. For us to realize the greatness within us, as individuals and as a nation, we must recognize that WE ARE THE CHANGE THAT WE WANT TO SEE. Just1Life, being my source of inspiration, strategically positioned me to ignite the power of freedom in my country Kenya, and the world at large’.