Full Mission Statement and Objectives:

Full Mission Statement:

Just1Life is a United Kingdom based charity committed to achieving direct socio-economic change through the funding of educational scholarships for academically gifted students who would not otherwise be able to access primary, secondary and degree-stage education or vocational courses.

The ethos of Just1Life is that even modest financial assistance can facilitate empowerment, through education and a holistic approach to personal and academic development. Such assistance can be vital in effecting fundamental change in the lives of the scholar and of those in their family and wider community.  Just1Life aims to equip its scholars with the skills to access a world in which they can achieve both educational success and wider social change.

Just1Life not only expects its scholars to excel academically but also seeks a long-term commitment from them: that they will remain in the country at the end of their course, that they will become role models for others, that they will become ambassadors for Just1Life, and that they will seek to make a real and lasting contribution to the development of their nations in the professions, the skilled trades, or in politics and community work locally or nationally.


Just1Life Objectives:

1. The concept of ‘Just1Life’ is to encourage each donor to provide financial assistance sufficient to have an immediate and transformative impact on just 1 person’s life. When a donor knows that money is targeted in this way (with visibility as to how their money is spent, and visibility as to its impact), the process is rewarding not just for the recipient but also for the donor. The donor can see the impact of giving and its transformative impact on the life of the recipient; the recipient, in turn, can make a positive and lasting change to their own life, and the lives of those around them.

2. Just1Life, therefore, develops (or sometimes supports) projects which involve targeted giving to identified individuals where we are satisfied (by thorough due diligence) that the giving will have an immediate and transformative effect on the life of an individual. Each project is continuously monitored, thereby enabling donors to have visibility as to the impact of their giving and to allow the project or individual to develop to their full potential. At present, Just1Life has 5 projects either active or in development.

3. In Kenya, Just1Life has awarded 30 scholarships to gifted students who obtained places in top Kenyan universities but whom, without our support, would not be able to take up their university places. Just1Life is also seeking to select further scholars and expand their program in Kenya. By selecting highly motivated and gifted students who could not otherwise afford to take up a university place, Just1Life ensures that each scholarship has an immediate and transformative impact on the student’s life and economic prospects. An important element in the selection of students is their interest in giving back to their communities. We provide each student with access to a local social worker/mentor who, in addition to providing support for each student, provides regular reports to Just1Life on the student’s progress. Similar scholarship schemes are currently being set up in Tanzania and India.

4. Just1Life also supports a boy’s orphanage in Kenya, where 18 boys are housed, cared for and educated. Just1Life assists the orphanage in providing education for the boys at primary and secondary level. We also support a day-care educational centre in Bali, where 25 physically and mentally disadvantaged youngsters (whom would otherwise receive no daily stimulation) are educated and cared for. Both of these projects are similarly aimed at achieving empowerment through education, in ways best suited to the needs of the recipients.

5. Just1Life’s objectives for 2016 & 2017 are:

(I) to award at least 50 scholarships to Kenyan students;

(II) to award at least 10 scholarships to Tanzanian students;

(III) to award at least 50 scholarships to Indian students;

(IV) and to provide continued support for the orphanage in Kenya, and the day-care centre in Bali.