My name is Rahab Wanjiku Njoroge,I had always had a big dream of becoming a Geek tech girl but since I came from a humble background that was only just a dream that kept fading each day until Just One Life came in and made it a reality.

My high hopes turned into a reality as they sponsored me through my university education and mentored me,now I am a Computer Scientist graduate,a Certified Cisco Network Associate (CCNA) and currently working at one of the Big 4 Audit firms in the world as an IT Risk Assurance Associate and making a big impact in my family,society and Kenya as a whole.

Thank you Just One Life.


Every time I think of Just 1 life, tears well up in my eyes. Just 1 life was my saviour. I came across Just 1 life at a time when I had almost lost hope of completing my studies. Being orphaned at a tender age, things have not been easy and I have had to work twice as hard to make things happen due to financial challenges. However, through Just 1 life things became easier. Through it’s financial help I was able to concentrate more on my studies and achieve great results.

It is because of this great organization that I am who I am; a young woman so confident in herself. I am now a graduate from Multimedia University of Kenya and this makes me so proud. The organization has kind individuals who have been great mentors to not only I but all the beneficiaries of this great scholarship. I am especially thankful to my Mentor Mr Pushpinder who has been a source of support and available whenever I reached out. Just 1 life has taught me the value of helping just one life and I hope to help another soul out there as much as I have been helped.

I am so grateful to Just 1 life. Thank you!


I am Pollette Mueni, I studied Sports Science and Management in Laikipia University. Just One Life for me was God sent. They supported me all through my University education making it possible for me to exploit my potential.

Just One Life also inspired life skills such as giving back to the community through Pay-it-forward programmes. I shall continue to practise the skills I have acquired over time and impact positively in other people's lives.